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Star was one of over 1,000 Chihuahuas that have been transferred from a shelter in California to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Although we have been cat fosters for years, one day the foster coordinator accidentally sent a dog foster email to the cat foster distribution list. We had always wanted to try fostering a dog and with three cats of our own we felt it would be good to try with a small breed that wouldn't pose a threat to our cats.

We fostered Star as she went through two rounds of surgeries for luxating patella and performed her physical therapy as instructed by the shelter. But after four months when she was ready to go up for adoption we decided to make our house her forever home. Foster fail!

Star Videos

Here are some videos of Star on my youtube channel.

Elmo Toy Smackdown

First Time in Snow Bootie

Intro to Dog Agility

Agility - Hurdles 1

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